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Award-Winning Voice & Business Text Messaging Solutions backed by the Industry's Best Customer Service

2022 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award
2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award: Award-Winning Business Phone Plans

Phone service

Extend the reach of standard VoIP and online PBX plans with a virtual PBX system tailored to your needs.

Business texting

Enhance communication with customers and colleagues via your VirtualPBX cloud PBX business phone system.

Call Centers

Effortlessly track and manage your call center team with industry-leading reports and pro-level queue controls.

Elevating Communication

for Small Businesses, Franchises, and Everything In Between

Steven Pivnik

VirtualPBX has allowed my company to easily expand into remote locations and start offering telecommuting options to my employees. Customers continue to call the same number and the departments are easily reachable.

Benjamin McCoy

VirtualPBX has made setting up my account very easy, and having 24/7 support I can have many of my issues resolved in a matter of minutes. I am happy that I switched my business to VirtualPBX, we save money, and have better features. I would recommend VirtualPBX to anyone.

Marcus Scott

Running a small business is hard enough. I don’t want to worry about a complicated phone system, too. VirtualPBX makes setup easy and the support that I received was terrific. Highly recommend VirtualPBX for your communication needs!

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Insomnia Cookies, the popular late-night bakery chain, has rapidly expanded across the U.S. with 156 stores and counting. Partnering with VirtualPBX, they have developed a custom solution for deploying IP phones to new locations, connecting seamlessly to a nationwide phone network through the VirtualPBX cloud PBX platform.

Empowering Communication with

Advanced VoIP Features

Auto Attendant

An intelligent VoIP feature that greets callers, directs them to the appropriate extensions or departments, and assists in managing incoming calls with efficiency and professionalism.

Advanced Call Reports

A robust virtual PBX feature that provides comprehensive insights and analytics on call activity, enabling businesses to track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

SMS Auto reply

A convenient VoIP feature that automatically responds to incoming text messages, ensuring prompt engagement and providing personalized messages to enhance customer satisfaction.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful integrations are a key VoIP feature that seamlessly connect your business communication tools, systems, and applications, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

VoIP Integrations With Popular Business Tools

VirtualPBX Small Business Phone System

Designed To Help Your Business Succeed

Free Support for Small Businesses
Hassle-Free Online PBX Setup
Data-driven Insights
Professional-Grade Call Routing options

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VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro
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