We have been welcoming you warmly to Monte Bondone for over 50 years

Since the Montana’s inception, the Barbieri family has managed this hotel with unmistakable passion and warmth

The history of the Hotel Montana and that of the Barbieri family have been running in parallel for more than 50 years. Five generations of hoteliers, two of which still work in the hotel.
Vittorio Barbieri, Nino to his friends, is the architect of this adventure. It was he who built the hotel in 1964. Born in Bologna, the son of hoteliers, he was a prominent name in the Trentino hotel world. In Monte Bondone he was a pioneer; he brought the hospitality formula to high altitudes for the first time. It is still the hotel’s trademark.

From 1980 onwards he was replaced by his son Alberto, who started working in the hotel at 16 years of age. Married to Monica, with whom he moved permanently to Montana in 2010, he is the current manager of the hotel; his children Martina and Matteo also work there, thus ensuring continuity for the third generation.