Zapier Integration

Integrate With Your Favorite CRM and More

Our Zapier Integration — our app inside the Zapier platform — lets you connect your VirtualPBX account to your favorite business apps like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, Trello, and Gmail to log your call data, notify team members about inbound calls, and create timely reports. You can sign up for a Free Zapier account today.

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Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration Templates

The following Zap Templates will help you get started with Zapier. Also, each template in this list provides a basic outline that starts with a VirtualPBX Trigger and ends with reaching another web service, including Trello, Freshdesk, and Pipedrive.

VirtualPBX Zapier Integration Tutorials

Zapier works in an action-reaction format. A trigger, like an incoming call, signals Zapier to complete other tasks like logging data or sending emails.

You can use the following triggers with the VirtualPBX App in Zapier.

  • Call Bridged: Trigger when a call is connected to a user or device.
    Useful for seeing which device answered a call.
  • Call StartedEnded, and Answered: Trigger when a call starts, ends, or is answered.
    Useful for finding the duration of calls and the time of day when calls were taken.
  • Missed Call: Trigger when a call is missed by a user or device.
    Perfect for notifying your team when a call wasn’t picked up.
  • New Voicemail: Trigger when a caller leaves a voicemail.
    Great for linking with notifications so a timely call-back can be made.

Our tutorials listed in the menu below will help you customize your Zaps. You can easily analyze monthly call performanceautomate reports sent to team leaders and VPs, and more.

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