Discover the Hotel Montana’ s saunas

Look out over the enchanting view of the Brenta Dolomites

whilst enjoying the warmth of our saunas

lukewarm shower

Climb the staircase and open the door. The ambience of the saunas is all set to transport you on a journey of intense pleasure and great well-being. Start with a lukewarm shower. This will moisten your skin, preparing it for the saline or sugary scrub which will encourage perspiration.

Now dry yourself carefully. Doing so will help to activate your perspiration before you choose a sauna. We suggest you start with the gentle hammam, a 40°C steam bath perfumed with balsamic essences which have a beneficial effect on the entire respiratory system.

Turkish bath

Alternatively, you can choose the gentler of the two Finnish saunas. This reaches a maximum of 60°C and encourages muscle relaxation, helps the body to purify itself and improves blood-vessel tone.

The same effects are produced by the 90°C Finnish sauna, a more demanding experience which is rewarded by the splendid view of the Brenta Dolomites you can enjoy from its large window.

Each session in the sauna shouldn’t last longer than 15 minutes and should always be interspersed with sensory showers or the Finnish bucket — a thermal shock which gives your vessels a little workout as it makes them alternate between vasodilation and vasoconstriction.

It is also advisable to take a few minutes of rest in our relaxation areas, rehydrating yourself with a cup of hot herbal tea between sessions.

ps.Should the staircase leading to the sauna area represent a barrier for you, we will be happy to put our exclusive SPA Suite’s sauna and surrounding area at your disposal free of charge.

Spa Suite