The charm of Monte Bondone

Known as the “garden of Trento”, Monte Bondone is a mountain rich in history and charm

Monte Bondone is a unique region, one which fascinates because of its abundant treasures. These start with its geological form. According to the writer Aldo Gofer, who sings about the traditions and customs of Trentino, Bondone is not simply a mountain; in reality it’s a mountain group. This is the reason for the landscape’s complexity and the beautiful views you can admire on its crags.

Viote, cima Palon, la Rosta: Just some of the names of Monte Bondone’s most popular places and because of its proximity to the city, the inhabitants of Trento, within whose municipal area it lies, think of it as a something of an urban garden.

Bordered to the north by the valley created by the fast-moving Vela stream, to the east by the river Adige, and to the west by the waters of the fast-flowing Sarca, Bondone offers numerous opportunities for sport, adventure and fun in all seasons.


In the summer, for example, it is the ideal destination for hikers, mountaineers and cycling enthusiasts but it also offers opportunities for diversion for those looking simply for some respite from the heat or a place to have a picnic with friends.


By contrast, in winter Monte Bondone is visited by those who love all the winter sports: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing. There’s no activity on snow which you can’t practise on Bondone as, thanks to its altitude, it offers steady and constant snowfall.


However, Bondone’s charm does not end with the possibilities this area offers lovers of sport and the outdoor life. Bondone is also a region rich in history whose remains peep out here and there amongst the natural beauty spots.

In this section we have gathered together some of the best things to do during a holiday on and around Monte Bondone in both summer and in winter. We are also available every day at the hotel to give you further explanations or advice.