Fun for

young and old holidaymakers

At Hotel Montana we believe that a family holiday should be a time that children share with their parents. All our children’s activities are thus adult-friendly

At the Hotel Montana a family holiday is an expression with a very clear meaning. We believe it means parents and children sharing moments and experiences to bring them closer together, creating an unbreakable bond.

All our hotel’s organised activities for the little ones should therefore also be suitable for adults. A family holiday should, after all, be a time for being together.

Bubo wood

Bubo is an owl and he’s our mascot, a little hero for all the Montana’s young guests. We therefore decided to dedicate our miniclub to him.

Bubo wood is a colourful, fun space, designed for children from 3 to 10 years of age. There are swings and a corner for painting, colouring and being creative, for giving your imagination free reign. There are also picture books to read and comfortable sofas and soft beanbags to sit on, and a private bathroom suitable for children.

During the high season all the activities we organise for children and their parents start here. There’s a full calendar of events: from the delicious Nutella party to walks in the woods looking for elves; from pizza-themed parties to tournaments; and even bobsleighing. There are also the baby dance, shows, miniclub games (drawing competitions, workshops and an evening minishow) and walks. In summer, the most popular activity is the Cercenari trail walk which ends with delicious polenta prepared on Viote’s pastures.

Bondone for Children

This is the name of the guide to all the child-friendly attractions which Monte Bondone has to offer. It was created by us and you can consult it here on the website or directly at hotel reception.