Hotel Montana


Strada di Vason, 70
38123 Vason
Monte Bondone (TN)

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T +39 0461 948200
F +39 0461 948177

    By car or motorbike, there are four different routes that take you to Monte Bondone – take whichever one you would like to choose.

    WARNING! Many Sat Nav systems won’t show the easiest route as the first option! Use “Sopramonte” as a reference for your chosen route.

    The quickest route

    The quickest route (and the one we recommend!) is the Sopramonte road. Exit from the Trento Sud motorway exit. It takes about 30 minutes and is the usual route, but it still allows you to enjoy some beautiful landscape. From the Trento Sud motorway exit, take the ring road until exit 6. From here follow the SP85 and 85bis passing through Sopramonte. In about 30 minutes you arrive at your destination.

    The smoothest

    The smoothest is the road that goes from Valle dei Laghi. It is the longest, but it’s a nice route and ideal for those suffering from car sickness. It is definitely the one preferred by motorcyclists. It takes about 45-50 minutes from the Trento Centro exit; it takes about an hour from Rovereto Sud.

    The most-loved

    The most-loved is definitely the one taken in the legendary Trento-Bondone, the oldest and longest uphill car race in the mountains. 20 km of curves that take you up 1350 metres. The record is 09:00:52, obtained in 2017 by Simone Faggioli at an average speed of 115 km/h! It takes about 40-45 minutes from the Trento Centro exit, at speeds permitted by the highway code.

    The best view

    The most scenic route is the old road, which goes from Aldeno to Bondone via Garniga. It is the most appealing, but also the most treacherous route. After Garniga the road goes into a single lane before proceeding through the woods. In winter, with snow, it can be difficult to go down this route (it could even be closed to traffic)! About 50-55 minutes from the Rovereto Sud exit.

    There are various options to get to the top of Monte Bondone, by public transport.

    By coach

    You can reach Vason with line 202, starting from the Autocorriere di Trento station, located 50 metres on the right from the train station. Schedules are available on the Trentino Trasporti website..

    By Taxi

    You can take a taxi to go to Monte Bondone, which costs around €55 if you are travelling during the day. You can book a taxi by calling (+39) 0461 930 002. Transfer from hotels by booking and subject to availability, we can come to pick you up from Trento at an extra cost of just €45!

    By Train (only to Trento)

    If you take the Frecciargento you can get to Trento in no time at all! …Did you know that you can leave work in Florence or Bologna and arrive in Bondone for dinner time? Just in time for a night time ski on our slopes! We are one of the closest ski resorts to the Rome-Brennero railway junction and the city of Trento is connected by many long-distance trains, in particular by Frecciargento trains. During winter months especially, this is a great alternative to the car to allow you to visit us without incurring problems of tiredness, traffic, fog or snow. Also, it’s a great way to reduce pollution emissions and take care of the environment. By taking the Frecciargento train, you can get to the top of Bondone from Florence in just over three hours. Only 2 and a half hours from Bologna or 4 and a half hours from Rome!

    To get to Vason from Trento, simply take a taxi and/or public transport and you’ll be here in no time.