The delicious world

of Hotel Montana cuisine

From breakfast to the evening meal,

the hotel restaurant offers every guest unforgettable aromas and flavours

Sunlight entering the large west-facing windows illuminates our restaurant’s dining room. Located on the first floor of the hotel, it’s a place in which some of the most intense moments of a holiday are experienced.

Here, immersed in an informal, harmonious atmosphere, our guests sample the aromas and flavours of our cuisine. The food we offer closely follows the Trentino and mountain tradition but the Bolognese origins of the Barbieri family are not completely forgotten.

The welcoming flavours of Hotel Montana’s cuisine

Much water has passed under the bridge since Toina Barbieri hand-sealed hundreds of tortellini for the first guests of the Montana. Fifty years have gone by since that time. Today the food is more varied; the classic Trentino recipes are accompanied by dishes from Italian and international cuisine.

Homemade strangolapreti pasta, tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, tasty goulash alla trentina, strudel and creamy desserts are just some of the specialities we prepare for our guests.

However, faithful to our tradition of welcoming everyone, we provide vegetarian dishes and we also pay the same attention to those who are intolerant to gluten. We have been members of the AIC [Italian Coeliac Association] for over ten years and therefore offer a gluten free menu prepared with all the necessary precautions.

In our wine list we favour Trentino wineries and vineyards: the mineral notes of the mountain whites, the characteristic flavours of the reds and the excellence of the great Trento DOC sparkling wines go hand in hand with an extensive selection of Italian wines.

The pleasure of responsible cuisine

Managing a hotel on the top of an unspoilt mountain imposes a great responsibility on us as regards the region in which we are situated. Thus, even in our cuisine, we are very careful to ensure sustainability and respect for the environment, favouring local suppliers and local products.

We are happy to offer the fresh and delicious natural water of Bondone free of charge. This water flows freely from the fountain to the bar and is always to be found on the restaurant’s tables. We thus avoid unnecessary transport and waste.

For the same reasons we try to limit food waste in every way. We prefer not to overdo the portions, always ensuring a second (or third) portion for those who show appreciation of our dishes. So, you don’t need to worry about asking for a second helping. Our dining-room staff are there to indulge you.