The Covid-19 health emergency required a deep review of our standards. As a form of respect and transparency, we would like to inform al our Guests of the safety measures that Montana applies to make your holidays safe and calm.

  • Tranquillity. Montana is very connected with the environment all around us. There is not a real “urban” town, and our mountain is the green lung of the city of Trento: grasslands, easy walks and big spaces are very close to us in summer, while in winter slopes are few meters from the hotel. Monte Bondone is all about tranquillity, and the amazing Viote area is just a couple of kilometers away from here.
  • Hotel. Hotel Montana has a lot of common areas and available spaces, and six different kind of rooms.
  • Availability. feel free to contact our booking office for any request. Any cancellation for coronavirus or restriction reasons can be refunded or kept available for a future stay in our hotel even after this term. We are dedicated to hospitality, but in this very period we are lowering the hotel capability to reduce the total number of Guests hosted in the same period.

In the following sections, you can find all the actions and variations of the hotel services, divided for each branch.

Winter 2021-2022 - Measures and Limitations

Our commitment is to guarantee everyone the use of the services of our hotel, in compliance with the limits and measures indicated by national regulations and the Province of Trento.

As per legislation, from 6th December 2021:

  • To access the hotel is only for those who have a Vaccine Certification (obtainable following vaccination) or a negative test result to be repeated every 48-hours. It will be required at check-in.
  • To access the Wellness Center and Gyms is allowed ONLY TO THOSE IN POSSESSION OF THE COVID19 VACCINE CERTIFICATION which is obtained following vaccination. The methods of access are subject to limitations (see point below).

We invite you to read the actions we are taking: they are available on this page, divided by department. The page is constantly updated according to the new information that is provided to us. Upon acceptance of the quote or at the time of online booking, any limitations (present or future) not dependent on our will are also considered accepted.

Safety comes first and we are sure of your understanding about it. For our part, we are ready to restart suspended services with a snap of fingers as soon as this is possible again.

Miniclub and Enertainment (suspended)

  • The Miniclub is open as a play area for children with assistance. Entertainment activities are limited.Access to the Miniclub takes place with hands sanitization and use of masks for all children over 6 years of age. With no small regret we are forced to limit the use of the service in this way up to new indications from the health authorities. We are sure that it can still represent a valid outlet for our little guests. In our opinion, the Miniclub is an essential service for our offer, but which by its very nature is subject to gatherings. For our part, we are fully committed to ensuring an extra – albeit limited – space available to your little ones.

Swimming Pool and Spa (only for COVID19 Vaccined Guests)

From 6th December 2021, the access to swimming pools and sauna is only in possession of a COVID19 Vaccine Certification (from here on “Green Pass Rafforzato”), which can be obtained by vaccination or after being healed from covid. There is no possibility to get the certification just with a negative test.

Following the decrees now in force on wellness centers, Montana Wellness is also open to not-housed guests, with a quota on admissions. Reservation is required. Pre-emption on bookings is reserved for accommodated guests. We are structured to proceed as during the last two seasons, applying this formula:

  • The Saunas and Pools area are open by reservation only, with limited access due to the quota of the wellness area. The booking takes place in 2-hour slots to ensure that everyone can use the service throughout the day (from 10 to 22): it is our priority to optimize this aspect, to ensure a safe service for everyone. The total number of people allowed inside the entire wellness center is 25 people. Unless otherwise specified, access to the swimming pool area is always included in bookings; Access to the sauna area is subject to a fee at a cost of € 5 / hour per person. Your help is essential, and we thank you in advance for your precious collaboration.
  • The pool water is disinfected with chlorine, which makes it safe against viruses and bacteria.
  • The sauna area is constantly sanitized on several occasions during the day.
  • These measures are necessary in order to keep the Wellness Center open and to be able to guarantee everyone the opportunity to take advantage of it. Other behavioral measures are explained directly to Wellness (interpersonal distances, cleaning protocols, use of changing rooms…). Also in this case, your help is essential.

For information and reservations, you can contact the Reception of the Wellness Center.

These measures are mandatory to keep the Montana Wellness open. Other information will be provided by the Montana Wellness staff (social distancing, cleaning schedule, changing-rooms best practices).

For info and bookings, you can speak with the Wellness Center reception (10 am to 10 pm, internal number 444, external phone number 0039 0461 939303).

Gym (only for COVID19 Vaccined Guests)

From 6th December 2021, the access to the gym is only in possession of a COVID19 Vaccine Certification (from here on “Green Pass Rafforzato”), which can be obtained by vaccination or after being healed from covid. There is no possibility to get the certification just with a negative test.

  • Access to the Technogym equipment gym is allowed only to accommodated guests.
    Access is limited to a maximum of 8 people at a time. The ventilation of the gym is forced. Opening hours are limited until 8pm.
  • Access to the Boulder Gym is allowed only to accommodated guests.
    Use is allowed for a maximum of 2 people on the wall and 3 on the ground. Similarly, access to the pan gullich is limited to a maximum of 1 person at a time.

Information for Guests

Abbiamo imparato che il SARS-CoV-2 si combatte insieme e solo se siamo tutti uniti. Siamo tutti sotto lo stesso tetto, e questo accomuna inevitabilmente Ospiti e padroni di casa.

We have learned that SARS-CoV-2 is fought together and only if we are all united. We are all under the same roof, and this inevitably unites guests and hosts.

  • As per legislation, from 6th December 2021 to access the hotel is only for those who have a Vaccine Certification (obtainable following vaccination) or a negative test result to be repeated every 48-hours. It will be required at check-in.
  • Correct communication with you Guests is essential. The Montana Staff will provide you with information on the behaviors to avoid during your stay at the hotel.
  • All guests are required to wear a mask in all enclosed spaces of the hotel (including halls, corridors, hotel reception and wellness center, toilets). Even outdoors, it may be necessary to use the mask and to maintain the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter (depending on the covid spread situation).
  • These indications will also be available in digital format, which can be consulted on a smartphone, for all Guests.

Sono azioni basilari, nella maggior parte di puro buonsenso. Ci permettiamo di sottolinearle unicamente in questo particolare contesto.

Requested Actions for Guests

  • In every common area inside the hotel is mandatory to wear the mask and keep the social distancing of 1 meter between people not belonging to the same family/group. For the Hotel staff, wearing the mask is always mandatory outside the “staff only” areas. So if you want to smile at us, take off your sunglasses first.
  • Hydroalcholic hands sanitizer dispencers are available in different areas of the hotel (reception, restaurant, lounge, wellness center, miniclub, gyms, elevators). Common areas are cleaned frequently every day by the housekeeping staff ith specific cleaners.
  • Elevators can be used by only one person at a time, or by one family/group at the same time. It’s not possible to take the same lift with strangers. If your room is at the first floor and you can use the stairs, we invite you to se them instead.
  • Group activities (such as baby dance, tasting sessions, animation nights…) are not allowed. Alternatives are possible, we are working o it.


  • At each change of guests, the room will be sanitized. Duvets, pillows and mattress covers are always disinfected. Each sponge has its own specific function. The cleaning products for bathrooms and surfaces that we already use are specific professional detergents, antibacterial and disinfectants.
  • The daily cleaning of the room is carried out every day. Guests who do not like it, can affix the appropriate tag outside the door to communicate it to the service staff.
  • We will limit the equipment of the rooms, to avoid as much the transport and storage of unnecessary linen between the rooms and the laundry. Also in this case, if you want another pillow or another towel, do not hesitate to ask us: we will gladly deliver them to you at the first request.
  • The use of gloves is already part of the equipment of the maids on the floors. In addition, housekeepinge floor service personnel will be required to wear masks in all operations.


  • Waiters are not required to wear gloves, but to wash their hands frequently with hydroalcoholic gels. Our waiters wear masks when preparing the room, during service and during cleaning.
  • The menu and the wine list are only available in digital format, which can be consulted on your smartphone via QR code. It was born as an ecological choice, it has proved to be a particularly useful solution in times of pandemics.
  • The buffet service has been restored. Guests are allowed to serve themselves wearing a mask and using the disposable gloves supplied in the restaurant. This resolution remains valid even at this time only for hotel catering facilities.
  • At Montana, the washing and ironing of tablecloths is outsourced to a professional laundry. Storage takes place in lockers to which only hotel staff have access. The replacement of the tablecloths is daily. We will temporarily suspend our good practice of reusing napkins, as per health protocol, to restore it as soon as possible after the emergency has returned.
  • In the restaurant the tables will be adequately spaced. During the breakfast service, the table assigned for the other meals will be kept for each room. The number of seats at the table will depend on current legislation.
  • Should the numbers require it, the service will be divided into two rooms. Both are very beautiful, bright and panoramic. We ask for your cooperation in this regard.
  • The ventilation of the rooms is already a consolidated habit in Montana. The forced ventilation system is active during service.

Reception and Concierge

To our regret, we will no longer be able to shake your hand or – as our loyal guests know – hug you. It will be your good excuse to come back and visit us in the future.

  • Reception staff will maintain a safe distance by staying beyond the counter, which will be frequently sanitized by the staff themselves with a cleaning kit at their disposal.
  • Where possible, we recommend that guests check-in online before arriving at the hotel. The link for filling in the data is sent in an email a couple of days before arrival. If the system fails, don’t worry: we will sanitize our hands before and after handling your documents.
  • We have created a second check-in and check-out station to avoid queues and gatherings: for both operations, only one member of the family must be present at the counter, instead of a representative. As far as possible, we ask departing guests to settle the bill the evening before departure, to avoid crowds at check-out.
  • The access cards to the rooms will be sanitized at each guest change.
  • We are gearing up to make maps and reference materials available online, which will no longer be available in print.

Bar and Lounge

  • The mask obligation is also extended to the Bar and Lounge area, as well as to all internal areas
  • Counter service is only possible by maintaining a safe distance.
  • The bartender is not required to wear gloves, but is obliged to frequently sanitize his hands and wear a mask.
  • The tables and seats in the lounge are arranged at a safe distance; it will not be possible to move them. The service will be carried out at the outdoor tables in the garden, always keeping the right distance.
  • Board and card games are not allowed.